The Obama Menu of Mendacity

Is Joe Biden trying to lead us down the same mendacious path of propoganda as the POTUS he served under?

Menu of Mendacity: How Barack Obama Betrayed His Constituents

1. Candidate Obama on video saying he’s for single-payer

2. President Obama failed to fight for single-payer

3. President Obama received $20 million from healthcare lobby and flipped

4. President Obama blocked single-payer



5. A health insurance executive wrote the ACA (aka Obamacare)

6. President Obama had a filibuster-proof majority for at least two months

7. President Obama gave himself the power to kill US citizens at will and used it

8. President Obama mischaracterized his invasion and murder of Gaddafi

9. President Obama accepted a Nobel Peace Prize then continued and accelerated wars

10. President Obama was reluctant to address serious issues regarding racism, meaning that conditions worsened for the people.

I will read any dozen-or-less sources debunking the vibe of those I’ve listed. Thanks, peace, and I am sorry that so many of my people have been fooled again.

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